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Carrot Mochi Balls (Sticky Rice Balls)

These carrot mochi aka sticky rice balls are chewy, soft, pillowy, and stretchy, basically just the most fun way to eat carrots ever and the balls themselves only require 3 ingredients to make! It'd be impossible to utter the words "I hate vegetables" to these cutest and yummiest carrot balls. They are gluten-free, quick and easy to make, and have the dreamiest texture ever. You can pair them with basically any sauce you like, I glazed mine in a sweet and sour sticky sauce with a kick of spiciness. Btw you can shape them into anything you like! I shaped the carrot mochi dough into balls and ate them with skewers like dango! You can also roll them out into long strips and eat them as thick chewy noodles, or cut them out into all kinds of fun shapes. INGREDIENTS: 1 large carrot, about 220 g 100 g glutinous rice flour, aka sticky rice flour or sweet rice flour 30 g arrowroot power For the sauce -  2 scallion, chopped 3 garlic clove, minced 2 red chili, chopped 1 tablespoon r
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"Eggy" Battered Tofu with Chili Sauce | Vegan, GF

Up your tofu game with this chili tofu that's full of yummy surprises! The tofu slices are coated in an "eggy" batter and pan fried to golden crispy perfection, then cooked in a umami, spicy, savory, and slightly sweet red and green chili pepper sauce - prepare extra rice to serve because this dish is a flavor bomb and you won't wanna waste a single drop of the sauce! One of my greatest joy in the kitchen is to think of endless new ways to eat tofu. I can literally gush about my love for tofu all day, it's a complete protein, it's one of the oldest foods that human beings have been consuming for thousands of years, it's mind-blowingly versatile, and contrary to some uninformed assumption, it's utterly delicious. Oh, and above all, soy is good for you, females or males, don't let the dairy industry or the other newer and more expensive plant milk options that has 3 times more ingredients fool you. Since I went vegan/plant based overnight, I haven&#

Red Braised Daikon

Pure magic made from the most humble ingredient. These red braised daikons are gonna be an unforgettable side dish that you'll want to keep revisiting! And the process of making them is almost like a meditation.  Daikon is one of the most underappreciated vegetables ever! It is a type of white radish that is commonly used in Asian cooking. It has a mild flavor with a subtle zinginess and crisp, crunchy texture. Daikon is also low in calories and high in nutrients like vitamin C and fiber. There are many ways to enjoy daikon, you can make pickles, stir-fries, soups, or stews with them. One of my favorite ways to eat daikon is the Japanese dashi braised daikon. And this dish is a combination of the Japanese dashi simmer daikon and the classic Chinese red-braise technique.  A few highlights that are crucial to the success of the dish - rounding the edge can help preserving the shape of daikon slices and keep them from breaking; par-boiling with raw rice can remove the bitterness in da

Japanese Hakusai Roll Nabe (Napa Cabbage Rolls Hot Pot)

This nabe is better than cuddling with your lover on a rainy Sunday ;) Ok maybe not but it's damn close. It's got a variety of rainbow vegetables, air-fried umami tofu, and wood ear mushrooms all rolled up nice and cozy with napa cabbage leaves, set on a bed of silky soft rice noodles and slowly stewed in a Dashi broth. Nabe, which means hot pot in Japanese, is one of my top comfort meals for cold months or whenever I feel a little under the weather. It's so nourishing and balanced - with lots of veggies, plant protein, and healthy carbs; but super refreshing at the same time - completely oil-free, slow-cooked in a flavorful broth, and the broth, in the end, will collect all the juice and flavors released from the veggies and become even more heavenly and have more depth. And in this updated version, I also added rice noodles at the bottom of the donabe to make this meal more hearty and satisfying. The rice noodles are perfect to slurp with the broth! For the fillings insid

Chinese Cucumber Salad - Suo Yi Cucumber

The most fabulous way to cut and present cucumber, ever! This cucumber salad is made of ONE SINGLE cucumber, sliced into a spring shape and dressed in a sweet, sour, and umami sauce, and finally topped with some aromatic and spicy chili oil. Let's please call this dish by its proper name - Suo Yi cucumber, or Suo Yi Huang Gua 蓑衣黄瓜. Suo Yi, refers to the traditional Chinese raincoat made of overlapping layers of straw and sometimes leaves, think a Hawaiian grass skirt but for the whole body. And the "scales" of the cucumber created by a special slicing technique and stretching resemble the layers of straws in Suo Yi, hence the name. And this special way of slicing is not just for presentation's sake! Because of all the incredibly thin, translucent, and flexible slices that this method creates, the seemingly ordinary cucumber is transformed into a form of magic and art! The texture is crunchy yet tender, every single thin "scale" of the cucumber picks up the s

Purple Cauliflower Steak with Pickled Mustard Seeds

Bring a dash of stunning color to your plate with this purple cauliflower steak! They're pan seared and roasted with herbs and garlic, served on a bed of fluffy creamy tofu "feta" and zingy chimichurri sauce and fresh pickled mustard seeds. Purple cauliflower is like the hotter sibling of cauliflowers ;) They taste not too different from the regular white cauliflower but they're rich in anthocyanin, which has cancer-fighting effect, can aid in prevention of diabetes among other amazing benefits! I used some of this purple cauliflower to make some purple cauliflower crackers and this is a second dish you can make with the rest of it!  INGREDIENTS: 2 large slices of cauliflower, 1/2 inch thick 1/4 cup avocado oil 3-4 fat garlic cloves, minced 1 tsp onion powder 1/2 tsp thyme 2 bay leaves 1 rosemary branch Whipped Tofu Feta 6 oz silken tofu 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 tablespoon nutritional yeast 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 1/2 teaspoon oregano Pinch of salt Chimichurri s

Flower Crystal Dumplings (Dim Sum) with Vegan Fillings

Steamed crystal dumplings but in an exquisite cherry blossom shape. These dumplings are little pieces of edible art that will for sure bring all the "wow" and smiles out of your loved ones! And I guarantee you yourself will enjoy the process of making them as well, watching beauty bloom between your own two hands. Crystal dumplings are one of the many, many variations of dumplings in China. They are the most popular in the southern part of the country and you would most likely find them on dim sum menus. Har Gow aka shrimp dumpling, for example, is a type of crystal dumplings and frequently ordered at any dim sum meal. It was also one of my personal favorites before I went vegan. To take my beloved crystal dumplings to an even more enchanting level, I made them into flower shapes, I think they really resemble the look of cherry blossoms! They really made me feel like I was bring a breeze of spring onto the table. As for the fillings, I took inspiration from the traditional Ch

Purple Cauliflower Crackers Vegan Gluten Free

Turn your cauliflower into these crunchy, flavorful, nutrient-dense and gluten-free crackers! It's such a fun way to eat more veggies and it's super easy to make! You can even make these with your kids as a fun family activity. I got this gorgeous purple cauliflower a while ago and wanted to make something that can really showcase its beauty! So I made not one but two recipes with it. The first was these pretty purple crackers! Yes of course cauliflower crackers are "low carb" but that's not really the point for me.  Purple cauliflower, like other colorful vegetables, contains antioxidants called anthocyanins, which are responsible for its vibrant hue. These antioxidants have been linked to various health benefits, including reducing inflammation, supporting heart health, and potentially reducing the risk of certain chronic diseases. Additionally, purple cauliflower, like its white counterpart, is a good source of vitamins and fiber, making these crackers so much