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Vegan Tater Tots Casserole with Lentil Ground "Beef"

Do you like tater tots? Of course you do because who doesn't! What if we can make tater tots into a full meal? Loaded with plant protein, veggies, and all that we need for a balanced diet? Introducing - Tater Tots Casserole, with vegan nut-free silken tofu cheddar sauce and lentil ground "beef". Tater tot really has all the best things about potatoes - the crispy and the fluffy. This casserole dish is like a deconstructed lentil cheeseburger with tots! Each layer is more scrumptious than the other - the “meaty” hearty lentil ground “beef” base, slathered with a rich, creamy, cheddar cheese sauce that’s made of tofu, and finally topped with a layer of golden crispy tater tots. It doesn't get more comfort food than this dish and it's super simple and straightforward to make. Next time you crave tater tots, whip this up instead and make it a deluxe experience. For a hot steamy breakfast, exciting party dish, and beyond. And you know the drill, if you're more of a

Two-Ingredient Vegan Oatmeal Waffles

The easiest waffles ever! These crispy, fluffy, chewy, and perfectly sweet waffles only call for two ingredients, super quick and easy to make even when you're pressed for time. Why settle for a bowl of soggy oatmeal when you can have them as waffles? These oatmeal waffles are here to redefine "quick breakfast", just grab your favorite oatmeal, add a bit of plant milk, and quickly enough you'll get a delicious breakfast treat - golden crispy on the outside, fluffy and chewy on the inside, and at the same time very hearty and fulfilling. You can of course use plain oatmeal and add your preferred spices and sweetener, but to truly make this a quick breakfast I recommend using an oatmeal mix that's already flavored! Believe me that made my life so much easier especially when I pushed the snooze button way too many times in the morning ;) The mix I used in this recipe is the coconut sugar and spice oatmeal from my trusted oats brand, One Degree Organics . I'm tota

Miso Butter Tofu Skewers Vegan BBQ

These air fryer tofu skewers are super "meaty" and packed with flavors. They're marinated and doused in a rich miso butter sauce and air fried till golden brown and just ever so slightly charred around the edges. Pair them with juicy crunchy veggies and fluffy pita or naans and enjoy the flavor and texture party in your mouth. Since the weather is getting warmer I can just feel a wave of BBQ parties coming our way. It can sometimes get awkward for vegan quests at a BBQ gathering, it's like what do y'all eat, grilled lettuce? Well, first of all, grilled vegetables are quite delicious so don't knock it. But more importantly, there are so many more options for vegan and plant-based eaters other than vegetables and artificial meat! These lush tofu skewers are guaranteed to impress at a BBQ party or just any occasion really. The browned butter miso marinade transferred the plain tofu cubes into little flavor bombs! They're so incredibly umami, savory, hearty, a

Bunny Shaped Oat Waffles (Vegan, Gluten Free)

Found your perfect Easter breakfast/brunch treat - bunny-shaped two-tone waffles! These adorable treats are vegan, gluten-free, naturally colored, refined sugar free, and only four ingredients! If there ever is an appropriate time to have some fun with as many pastel colors as you want and cute bunny or chickie shapes, Easter would be it. These adorable and colorful bunny waffles are guaranteed to bring a big smile to everyone's face. I used an oat-based batter to make them gluten-free and colored them with pitaya powder, matcha powder, and blue spirulina powder. The texture was also simply spot on, slightly crispy on the outside, fluffy, soft, and moist on the inside.  I will also be posting a video of making these cuties on my Instagram and Tiktok and it'd be much easier to see the process there. INGREDIENTS: 1 cup oat flour 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 3/4 cup soy milk 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar 1/2 teaspoon of each pitaya, matcha, and blue spirulina powder 1 tablespoo

Vegan Lentil Meatballs and Spaghetti

Hearty, savory, and "meaty" meatballs that are not just meatless but also fake-meatless! Made with no dead animal body parts or hard-to-pronounce artificial ingredients, only wholesome plants that are nourishing to your body and yet still irresistibly delicious. There are few things that can match a steamy, hearty bowl of spaghetti and meatballs when it comes to comfort food but let's face it, it's not exaclty the healthies meal in the world. But what if it doesn't have to be a "guilty pleasure" anymore? With these easy whole food plant based lentil meatballs, this is now how healthy food looks like! I've tried making this recipe in the oven and in an air fryer and both methods worked beautifully - the only slight difference is that the air fried ones came out a bit firmer than the oven baked. I'll include instructions for both methods below. This recipe is very adaptable as well, feel free to use whatever beans you like or have on hands, kidney