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Rainbow Vegetable Rice Noodle Salad with Nut Butter Sauce

This rice noodle salad is a perfect summer meal, it's basically a no-heat, no-cooking recipe except just for the rice noodles. You can throw this combo together super quickly, with chewy rice noodles, colorful refreshing veggies, crispy tofu, aromatic herbs, and a creamy nut butter sauce. The other day I was craving pad thai, one of my all time favorite meals but it was so hot and I didn't want to end up covered in sweat when I sit down to eat. So instead I made this rice noodle salad version! The flavor profile is reminiscent of pad thai but without you having to break a sweat. For the vegetables, you can pretty much use whatever you have in the fridge but I do recommend including as much variety as possible, not only for the nutritional values but also for the vibrant, mood-lifting colors. And don't skip the mangos and basils! They add such a beautiful tropical flair to the dish. And to make the sauce more allergen-friendly, I used almond butter instead of peanut butter,