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Vegan Cheese Wrapped Burrito | Lowkey Burrito

Burrito but make it with a layer of crispy, melty cheese wrapped around it! With one bite your teeth will sink through the crispy fried cheese exterior, into the stringy, gooey, rich vegan cheese and followed by the soft, toasty tortilla and finally the savory, hearty fillings. I first saw burritos like this on a food docuseries on Hulu and one episode talked about the street food in LA and highlighted the Lowkey food truck and their iconic cheese wrapped breakfast burritos. I had never had one but instantly started craving it. So of course I had to make it for myself and make it vegan! The method is super simple and quick and easy to do but wow the effect was amazing. I thought burritos were already so satisfying but the crispy and melty cheese wrap really took it to a whole new level. You can choose whatever burrito you like or for a quick meal, throw a frozen one in the oven and then zazz it up with the cheese wrap. And I will also be posting a video how-to on my Instagram  Reel and

Vegan Pesto Risotto with Miso Butter Mushrooms

This vegan pesto risotto is literally like a symphony in your mouth, no kidding. In one bowl, you've got the creamy, rich risotto mixed with herby, refreshing pesto, buttery umami mushrooms, crispy spiced chickpeas, and the "cherry" on top being the bursting flavors of balsamic roasted cherry tomatoes on the vine. Vegan pesto is one of those dishes that help you see just how magical plant ingredients can be. With no parmesan or any dairy products, I had to really focus on unleashing the starchy, creamy nature of rice itself and came to realize how amazing rice can be just on its own. And the conclusion is, no, you absolutely do not need any cheese or butter to achieve that creamy, velvety texture of risotto. It all lies in the proper cooking process and don't worry, it's much easier than you might think! There are a few simple yet crucial tricks in achieving an optimal risotto. First, never add cold broth to cooking rice! It will result in the rice cooking unevenl

Vegan Bibimbap - Korean Mixed Rice with Vegetables

Got any vegetables lying around that you haven't got to use but are worried might be close to their good-by dates? Of course you do, cuz who doesn't?! Here's a quick and simple recipe to turn them into a scrumptious and satisfying mixed rice bowl - or Korean bibimbap. Whenever I'm in a Korean restaurant, bibimbap is always my go-to. Warm, steamy and aromatic rice mixed with all kinds of colorful and juicy veggies and a big dollop of sweet and spicy gochujang - Korean chili paste, hitting all the right spots for a foodie with Asian food cravings. And the moment when you mix all the ingredients together and have the sauce evenly coats all the grains and vegetables is really the epitome of satisfaction. Traditionally, bibimbap is usually served with beef, veggies, and a sunny side up egg on top. In this veganized version, I saut├ęd some juicy and "meaty" shiitake mushrooms to replace the beef and used scrambled tofu for the egg. And truthfully it's just as goo