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"Eggy" Battered Tofu with Chili Sauce | Vegan, GF

Up your tofu game with this chili tofu that's full of yummy surprises! The tofu slices are coated in an "eggy" batter and pan fried to golden crispy perfection, then cooked in a umami, spicy, savory, and slightly sweet red and green chili pepper sauce - prepare extra rice to serve because this dish is a flavor bomb and you won't wanna waste a single drop of the sauce! One of my greatest joy in the kitchen is to think of endless new ways to eat tofu. I can literally gush about my love for tofu all day, it's a complete protein, it's one of the oldest foods that human beings have been consuming for thousands of years, it's mind-blowingly versatile, and contrary to some uninformed assumption, it's utterly delicious. Oh, and above all, soy is good for you, females or males, don't let the dairy industry or the other newer and more expensive plant milk options that has 3 times more ingredients fool you. Since I went vegan/plant based overnight, I haven&#

Rainbow Chard Rolls with Beet Hummus and Crispy Tofu

Rainbow chard rolls with rainbow fillings - the living embodiment of eating the rainbow. These veggie rolls are wonderfully refreshing, vibrant, and nourishing, made of 100% whole food plants. Plus they're basically no-cook! Perfect for summer. It really pisses me off how commercials, TV shows, and basically the entire society and commercial world are out to get us to hate vegetables ever since we were little children. We perpetually see scenes where parents desperately try to coax their kids into eating a piece of broccoli but end up either giving up and getting them fried chicken, or burger, or whatever garbage food, OR, dousing the vegetable in melted cheese or some other highly processed crappy sauce. Enough is enough, seriously. I do not believe any human being would be born with an aversion to vegetables. We are great apes and vegetables and fruits are literally our life source, our cousins - the other great apes, eat 80 to over 100 species of plants in the forms of fruits an

Vegan Caprese Salad with Tofu Mozzarella

The most refreshing summer salad but made vegan! This vegan Caprese salad is the perfect plant-based version of the Italian classic, with freshly made tofu mozzarella balls, heirloom tomatoes, fresh basils, and homemade balsamic reduction. As someone who went vegan overnight, cutting out all animal products at once, I can honestly say I never miss or crave any non-vegan food, meat or dairy, however, I do find myself reminiscing certain "feelings". Like a refreshing Caprese salad on a summer afternoon, that fresh first bite bursting with flavors... That's the power of food, isn't it? To carry memories, emotions, traditions, and bring us back to those moments whenever we eat a certain food again. Luckily, the earth has blessed us with so many plants that we can use to recreate any flavor and memory we want! I made these fresh "mozzarella" balls out of tofu and a few simple ingredients, and they turned out soft, stretchy, bouncy, and chewy - the perfect texture

Japanese Fruit Sandwiches Vegan Cream Cheese Version

The scrumplicious love child between fruit cake and sandwich - Japanese fruit sandos! I put my own little twist on these beloved classics and used plant-based dairy-free cream cheese instead of whipped cream - making these the laziest treat of our dreams ;) You've probably seen the most internet-famous sibling of the Japanese fruit sando family - strawberry whipped cream sando! I mean of course it's everywhere because who wouldn't love it! The cross sections of the strawberries form a row of red little "hearts", which are set in white, fluffy, pillowy cream - perfection is in simplicity. But I do believe other fruits deserve their moment in these sweet sandos as well and my second favorite is kiwi and mandarin! The green and orange colors are so mood-lifting and their flavors pair perfectly as well. Normally I'd grab a can of coconut cream and whip it up with a bit of sweetener for this purpose but as I'm currently traveling and staying with a friend, I fi

Vegan Crunch Wrap Supreme with Lentil Taco "Meat"

These crunch wraps are the true SUPREME - golden crunchy shell, savory and hearty lentil mushroom taco "meat", melty vegan cheese, juicy refreshing veggies, and a bonus crunch layers from lentil chips! They give you every bit of the satisfaction from eating "junk food" yet they're 100% plant-based and wholesome. I wouldn't say these crunch wraps are the perfect copycat of Taco Bell's, because it's far superior! It tastes absolutely bomb, crunchy, "meaty", cheesy, and everything in your wildest dreams about a crunch wrap but without harming innocent lives of other species or wreaking havoc on your health, or on our planet. To perfectly seal a crunch wrap you will need a large tortilla as a base and a smaller one as a "lid", you could use a soft taco shell or fajita tortilla, or, you can simply cut a smaller round out of a large one! And don't throw out the extras, they make fantastic tortilla chips in a quick minute and go so p