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Vegan Individual Hot Pot - Ma La Tang

Ma La Tang, or a mini, individual version of hot pot, is the best of the best ways of including ALL the ingredients you're craving in one meal! And that's exactly why I made it the other day despite the over 90 degree heat. It was so satisfying and it can actually be made very refreshing as well! Keep reading ;) Usually ma la tang is cooked in a broth based and more than often seasoned with lot of spices, hot chili oil, and sometimes cow fat. Well, in the spirit of living a non-harmful life and at the same time considering the heat, we will have non of the above. I instead boiled and braised all the ingredients in a homemade mushroom broth, which is umami, flavorful, and refreshing! For the ingredients, use whatever you want or whatever left in your fridge and you're dying to use up! I used various veggies, konjac noodle knots, king oyster mushroom "scallops", carrots, bamboo shoots, lotus roots, and veggie wontons! If you like this slurpy dish you might also love