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Easy Oven Roasted Balsamic Carrots and Sticky Tempeh

This is the easiest but one of the yummiest bowls I've ever made. These carrots are oven-roasted with a maple balsamic glaze to perfection, along with some sweet potatoes at the same time. I paired the hearty roasted root vegetables with some quinoa and sticky tempeh for protein and more fresh veggies. You'd never know just how amazing carrots could taste until you try this! I discovered that some magical flavors get released when you roast the carrots whole till they're slightly browned, crinkled, and caramelized on the outside, while tender, soft, and almost syrupy on the inside! And while the oven is on, feel free to throw in other root vegetables you fancy. And to add more protein, I cooked up some tempeh in a bit oil till they're crispy, then glazed them in an easy sweet and spicy sauce. The entire meal came together in just 30 minutes. If you try this I'd really love to hear what you think and be sure to find me on Instagram @ veganbunnychef where I post vide

Vegan Carrot Salmon Sushi Rolls

The most convincing and easy vegan salmon sushi. These are made of simple whole food ingredients only and I've got some "fishy" tips for you to make your veggie rolls actually taste like salmon rolls! I have made carrot lox to put on my morning bagels many times and then it hit me, why don't I put them in sushi?! And ofc the result was superb! Prepping the carrots into "salmon" adds so much more flavor to the rolls than just using raw carrot sticks. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my veggie rolls but it always brings me bundles of joy to switch things up and discover new magic that plants can do. Firstly, oven roasts the carrots at low temp over a long time, with skins on, to create that dehydration effect which results in crinkled fish-looking skins and denser textures. Secondly, a dd some caper brine and fresh dill to your marinade! Don't limit yourself to just nori. I added these two to my old recipe and it brought the flavor to a whole new level. For

Vegan Bacon Cheese Burger {King Oyster Mushroom Bacon}

If I had a dollar every time someone says "before I went vegan my favorite meal was a bacon cheeseburger" I'd be... well, about 20 dollars richer. But it just goes to show the unshakable throne that bacon cheeseburger holds in the food porn world. But you know what, the other day when I made this vegan mushroom bacon cheeseburger and my bf took a bite then freaked out! He thought I gave him real meat lol. Yes, it is THAT GOOD.  I made the burgers using my fail-safe beetroot kidney bean burger recipe, the crispy bacon out of king oyster, aka king trumpet mushrooms, and finally topped everything with a thick, creamy, silky homemade vegan cheese sauce. Taking a big bite and feeling the "meaty" crunch from the mushroom bacon and the "cheesy" drizzle between my teeth... it completed the burger experience and my soul. If you try this recipe please let me know what you think! You can also find me on Instagram @ veganbunnychef . INGREDIENTS: King Oyster Mushr

Vegan Orange Tofu {Sweet and Spicy Glazed Tofu}

I call this recipe the Tofu Hater Crusher . Glaze the golden crispy tofu chunks in a sweet, spicy, and sticky orange sauce, and just hear the sound of tofu doubting crumbling right away! Trust me this dish will become your unforgettable go-to whenever you have an Asian food craving. This orange tofu is obviously inspired by the famous Chinese dish, orange chicken. The gentle color, delicate texture, and mild flavor of tofu make it a perfect alternative to chicken. And the orange sauce is already vegan by its nature, however, I put a little personal twist to it! To amp up the sweet-spicy flavor, I added a little Gochujang to the sauce, which is the Korean fermented chili paste. And wow, orange sauce and Gochuanjg are a match made in heaven! This fusion will create a heaven illusion ;) Ok bad pun but the result was truly sensational! Here are some other vegan Chinese dish you'd love: Sweet and Sour Pineapple Tofu , Vegan Lion's Head Braised Tofu Balls , and Chili Oil Noodle Stir