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Vegan Butter Tofu Curry {Vegan Makhani}

A bowl of golden sunshine that's ultimately comforting and satisfying. If you're looking for an eas, one-pot, and flavorful meal look no further! Not to toot my own horn but this vegan tofu makhani turned out even better than the traditional version I remember! Makhani literally means butter or buttery in Punjabi and it is not the same as butter chicken. Traditionally the recipe calls for butter, ghee, sometimes even heavy cream, and yogurt. To veganize it, I used canola oil and coconut milk as alternatives and the result was superb, rich, vibrant, creamy, unbelievably buttery, and bursting with warm flavors. Plus, everything comes together in one pot! I served this dish with some basmati rice and I think it is the perfect match. Ladle some golden, rich, "buttery" makhani gravy onto your steamy, fluffy, and aromatic basmati rice, and let the warm feeling of satisfaction wash over you. If you try this recipe I'd love to hear what you think! Find me on Instagram @

Cherry Tomato Tofu Quiche with Tortilla Crust

Are you ready to wow some jaws off at those holiday parties and gatherings? Make this adorable but sneakily easy tofu quiche! It's eggless, dairy-free, perfectly silky and savory with a crispy thin tortilla crust, and to top things off, cute cherry decorations that are fashioned out of cherry tomatoes and basils.  In my experience, the biggest challenge in creating a perfect vegan quiche out of tofu is the texture. You expect the fillings to be "eggy" and jiggly in the middle but at the same time, you don't want to make it too soft and wet, the quiche needs to hold its shape when you cut into it and serve each slice. The secret to achieving an eggless quiche that's both creamy AND sturdy ? By utilizing and mixing tofu of different firmness! I used two types of tofu - silken and extra firm. The extra firm tofu provides the structure the quiche needs to stand and survive the cutting and the soft silken one keeps the moisture and the velvety, jiggly texture. If you

Vegan Beet Burger Bowl with Mango Guacamole

Is your burger pink in the middle? Well, mine always is! Beetroot is the not-so-secret ingredient to bring your veggie burgers to the next level! Not only will they add more moisture and flavor to your burgers, but they will also turn the patties into a vibrant pink hue that's just like a perfectly done medium-rare. Beet burgers are very easy to make as well. You're going to need some beans for the base and structure, I've tried black beans, kidney beans, and pinto beans, they all worked very well. Onions, spices, and other simple condiments will give the burgers the flavors. And finally, the beetroot will give the patties a shot of vibrant pink hue and a more "meaty" texture. But watch out for the size of the beet you're using, you want the shredded beets to be roughly half the amount of the beans you're using. If the beetroot is too big that will result in the burgers being too wet. You can serve these beet patties as regular burgers or serve them as a

Vegan Zucchini Pizza with Thin Crust and Cream Cheese

Nothing like a refreshing thin-crust garden pizza to keep the summer spirit alive! Thin crispy gluten-free crust, loaded with creamy yet light vegan cream cheese and topped with juicy colorful squashes and onions, it's basically summer in a bite and would definitely be a mood lifter in the fall. Relying solely on light vegetables as the toppings worried me a little bit when I first started putting this pizza together, however, much to my surprise, the flavors were simple but delightful, and they all stand out beautifully. Also, there are a few easy steps you could take to really punch up the flavors, all details included in the instructions below! If you like this recipe here are some more fun, colorful, and healthy pizzas you'd love: Buffalo Chickpea Pizza with Sweet Potato Crust , Pink Heart Shaped Pizza , Vegan Meatball Pizza , and Truffled Mushroom Pizza . And you can also find me on Instagram @ veganbunnychef INGREDIENTS: For the crust - 2 cup Pizza dough flour mix 1 cup h