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Savory Veggie Protein Waffles | Vegan, Gluten Free

Wake up to these crispy, fluffy, and savory waffles that are packed with vegetables and five real food plant proteins! They are super easy and fast to whip together, gluten-free, and guaranteed to give you a power start of the day! I've always preferred savory breakfasts over sweet - please tell me I'm not alone! They're just more comforting and filling to me and these savory veggie mini waffles are my new fave to make in the morning! They're golden crispy on the outside, fluffy, moist, and flavorful on the inside. And to jump-start our energy and metabolism, I added some organic, unflavored plant protein powder to the mix! It's the cleanest protein powder I've ever found, made of ONLY 5 real foods - organic almond, organic chia seed, organic pumpkin seed, organic sunflower seed, and organic yellow pea - and that's it! No sweetener, no "natural flavor", no additives, no fillers, nothing. And because it's not already sweet it gives you so many

Seaweed Rice Paper Crackers topped with Tofu & Veggies

These seaweed rice paper crackers are as FUN to make as they are delicious to eat! They are crunchy, light, and fluffy, topped with smoked tofu, colorful vegetables, chili sauce, and my homemade silken tofu mayo. Another magic trick you can do with rice paper! Forget about cheese and crackers, THIS, is my girl dinner, girl lunch, girl snack... It's my favorite thing to make whenever I'm craving something that's more than just a chip. The addition of nori sheet gives them another layer of texture plus more ocean flavor! And I loooove the frying process, it's so satisfying to watch the rice paper curl up, puff up, and become a fluffy white cracker almost like those prawn crackers you can get at Thai restaurants. For toppings, use whatever your heart desires! I topped these with smoked tofu, crunchy fresh vegetables, avocado, sriracha sauce and my homemade tofu mayo , together they bring so many flavors and balanced nutrients. If you try this please tag me on  Instagram a

Pumpkin Dango aka Sticky Rice Balls with Gochujang Sauce

Use your leftover pumpkins to make these dream treats! Chewy, soft, bouncy, pillowy pumpkin sticky rice balls glazed with a rich, sweet, and spicy gochujang sauce. Treat yourself or make this for a holiday party - guarantee it'll be the star at any gathering! Do you have pieces of pumpkins leftover from the Halloween season or other recipes? A quarter of a pumpkin leftover from a pumpkin pie, or a slice or two from pumpkin soup? Don't waste them and make them into these dreamy little rice balls! Only THREE ingredients needed! These pumpkin dango are made of only real pumpkin and glutinous rice flour, plus a little matcha for the green stem part. They're super easy and fun to make as well! It's like playing with playdough - no like literally, I felt like I was a preschooler making fun shapes with the soft colorful dough, brings back such joyful memories :) You can eat these dango just as is, they're hearty and subtly sweet from the pumpkin. Or, up the flavor game eve

Vegan Jackfruit "Crab" Salad Sushi Sandwich

A super easy sushi sandwich anyone can make even if you're not familiar with onigirazu or sushi making in general! This easy hack onigirazu, aka sushi sandwich or rice sandwich, is filled with a savory, refreshing, and creamy vegan "crab" salad made from young jackfruit and loaded with fresh, colorful veggies. If you love onigirazu but are not very confident in your nori wrapping skills yet - worry not, I got you! This easy fold hack is literally my all-time fave cooking hack and is pretty much the only one that sticks and I still use it all the time. You've probably seen this similar folding method with tortilla wraps trend first but it also works perfectly with nori! Simply divide the nori sheet into four equal squares, create a cut from the middle of one edge to the center, then place your fillings onto the four squares and fold! That's it! Cut it in half and you'll have a perfectly wrapped onigirazu or sushi sandwich with no sweat. For fillings, go wild, a

Beetroot Tofu Roti | Vegan, No Flame

Soft, flexible, and aromatic roti but with veggies and tons of protein hidden in it. These rotis are also easy to make, only require three main ingredients and you won't need any special equipment or an open flame stove! Roti to me is the heart and soul of every saucy Indian dish, be it a creamy curry, or buttery makhani, or anything with gravy really, the meal wouldn't be complete without dipping a warm, steamy piece of roti into the sauce and scooping up all the yumminess... I love it so much that I made this pink version as a love letter to roti and all flatbread alike ;) Making roti at home seemed daunting to me at first, I do not have a tawa - the thick, flat, cast iron pan that rotis are traditionally cooked on; or an open flame stove. So instead I just made mine with a thick, good quality nonstick pan on my electric glass stovetop, and I can assure you it works perfectly fine! However, I did make the effort to find authentic atta flour, which is essentially whole wheat f