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Bunny Coconut Jelly No Gelatin No Agar agar

The jiggliest jiggly bunny treats you can make for Easter! These are so cute and at the same time, so easy to make, you only need 3 main ingredients! Plus whatever color you like to use. They are dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, and made without gelatin or even agar agar! If there ever is a food where it's not only appropriate to play with your food but a MUST, it'd be this one! ^^ These bunny shaped coconut jellies are so fun to make, play with, and eat! They are creamy, tender, and sooo jiggly. Instead of gelatin or agar agar, this jelly is made from arrowroot powder plus coconut milk, that's it, that's the two main ingredients for the structure plus any sweeteners and colorings you like. If you can't find arrowroot powder, you can also use cornstarch! It'll work the same I just personally prefer arrowroot for it's a bit more wholesome and contains more fiber. For sweetener choices, any POWER form you like would work just fine! But I don't recommen

Green Curry Rice Noodle Soup Vegan GF

The most aromatic, refreshing, and vibrant broth to elevate your noodle bowls! This Thai-inspired green curry noodle is super easy to make, takes only about 20 minutes, and gives you all the satisfaction, layers of flavors, as well as fully balanced nutrition. Green curry is like the mildest and most amicable child in the great Thai curry family, in my opinion anyway ;) The incredible flavor of this dish comes from a variety of fresh aromatics, including lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, all of which are hard to find in the US and outside of Asia in general. That's where a good quality, authentic curry paste comes in handy. Choose a brand you trust and make sure that the paste has all the authentic ingredients needed in a Thai green curry. A common "downside" of using store-bought curry paste is that the color is not as vibrant as something made entirely from fresh ingredients but we can remedy that by blending part of the broth with fresh Thai basils to bring bac

Chili Oil Okra Salad

This incredibly crunchy, fresh, aromatic, and flavorful okra salad is beyond easy to put together and would make an excellent side dish or a refreshing component in a lunch box. I promise you, if you think you "hate" okras, try this recipe before you swear off them!  Few vegetables are as hated and loved at the same time as okras. And the reason is always the one - the "slime" inside them. What exactly is that slimy liquid then? It's actually full of soluble fiber and can benefit our health greatly, from lowering blood cholesterol to promoting gut health by encouraging the growth of healthy bacteria which helps break down food and synthesize vitamins. I personally LOVE the "slime" inside okras to be honest... I find them so fun and almost humorous haha. But of course, for others that could be an issue so I made an air-fried crispy okra recipe in the past that completely changes the texture. This salad is yet another great way to enjoy okra, trust me t

Orange Tempeh Lettuce Cups

These little cups are my recent favorite lunch. They're colorful, vibrant, refreshing, and packed full of flavors and nutrients! It's almost like an Asian style salad but individually wrapped in lettuce and hence hands friendly! Tempeh is such a wonderful protein source especially if you're vegan or are eating a plant-based diet. It is made of whole soybeans, fermented for better digestion, and minimally processed. However, I haven't been a huge fan of tempeh because of its strongly earthy and sometimes bitter taste, also its hard and dense texture. The only way I enjoy tempeh is with a strong sauce. like sweet and spicy glazed tempeh , or tempeh bacon , or as tempeh meatballs . Then I recently tried this orange tempeh from Jackie's new cookbook - the Clean Vegan cookbook and I was instantly in love! The sweet, sour, and citrusy sauce works so well with the earthiness of tempeh and it's very reminiscent of orange chicken! I made some adjustments to the original

Vegan Spanakopita with Tofu Feta

Golden, crispy, flaky layers for days filled with savory, refreshing, aromatic herbs, spinach, and tangy tofu "feta", these spanakopita triangles are the best vegan version ever and honestly as good as any spanakopita I've had before! Spanakopita is a traditional Greek dish made with phyllo pastry and spinach filling. It's basically a savory spinach pie that's typically served as a snack or appetizer. The filling is usually a mixture of spinach, feta cheese, onions, eggs, and various herbs and spices, but it's easily veganizable.  The phyllo pastry is magical on its own. They are so delicately thin, even thinner than paper and semi-transparent. It's widely used in many types of Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine like baklava, borek, and of course  spanakopita . Some phyllo pastries are made with butter but you can find authentic phyllo pastries that are made with only olive oil, my favorite brand for this is Athens. The filling is very adaptable too! The veg

Tomato Tuna Nigiri Sushi Vegan Sushi

These tomato "tuna" nigiri are a little bit of magic to your eyes and taste buds. They are vibrant, red, and curvy - just like tuna; and they taste fleshy, tender, juicy, and savory - again just like tuna! Except that they're made out of plants which our bodies are designed to consume and not at the cost of our ocean ecosystem. If we can make "salmon" out of tofu (see my tofu salmon bowl recipe), and lox out of carrots, it's only logical that we make some "tuna" out of tomatoes right? ;) Tomatoes naturally have a curve that resembles the shape of tuna pieces, and their vibrant red color and meaty, fleshy texture also come close to the fatty tuna. With just a simple marinade we can turn this garden vegetable into an ocean flavor dish! Before we let the tomatoes go through the magical transformation in the marinade, there is one thing we need to do - peel the tomatoes. Tomatoes have very thin, film-like skins and they can be very hard to peel off wh

Scallion Oil Noodles (Cong You Ban Mian)

You can NOT miss this if you are a noodles fan! I mean really, who isn't?! These scallion oil noodles are super quick and easy yet so incredibly satisfying, all you need are 5 ingredients and about 15 minutes! And this is a naturally vegan dish that can also be made gluten-free easily. If food has a hall of fame this dish would without a doubt be in it. Scallion oil noodles, or Cong You Ban Mian, is one of the most iconic Shanghai dishes, and you would be able to find them from the most inconspicuous little food stand on the street to the fanciest Chinese restaurants in Shanghai. It's a perfect representation of the saying beauty is in simplicity. Chewy, hearty noodles generously coated in this rich, umami, aromatic scallion oil that packs so much flavor, stir them up to get every single strand of noodle to glisten with the goodness, slurp up - simply food heaven. You can also make a big batch of the scallion oil and store is in the fridge for an even quick meal! Once you have