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Air Fryer Sweet Potatoes with Caramelized Brown Sugar Top

This will be your new obsession! These sweet potatoes are air-fried, with a crunchy, golden brown, caramelized brown sugar top, and a gooey, jammy center. They are super easy to make, barely any prepping or "cooking" needed!  This easy air fryer snack is inspired by Ba Si Di Gua, aka Chinese candied sweet potatoes, but made much healthier and easier! I air-fried the sweet potatoes instead of deep frying and sprinkled a layer of brown sugar on top for that caramelized crust instead of making a caramel sauce separately. It's like a creme brulee but with sweet potatoes! For this particular dish, I highly recommend using Japanese sweet potatoes. They have a paler flesh and they're much sweeter and less watery than the regular orange sweet potatoes. Plus they also have a very special aroma that resembles roasted chestnut! INGREDIENTS: Japanese sweet potato, or other types Brown sugar, as needed Oil spray Optional - white sesame seeds TO MAKE: - Scrub and wash the sweet pot

Vegan Butternut Squash Fritters {Chinese Style Vegetable Fritters}

These mixed vegetable fritters are golden, crispy, savory, and hearty. It's like fried potato fritters but with more varieties of vegetables and flavors! And it's also a great way to use up all the pumpkins, butternut squashes, or other scraps of vegetable leftover from the holiday season. Growing up I loved all the different kinds of fritters my family members made - my mom likes to make them with squash, my grandma makes them with a mix of root vegetables and leafy vegetables, and my aunt's famous fritters are made only of potatoes and scallions but magically fluffy and crunchy at the same time! With all the pumpkins and other hearty vegetables that I'm sure we've all got lying around following the holiday season, what better time to turn them into these crispy golden treats? This recipe is highly adaptable and you can use pretty much ANY vegetables you have and wanna get rid of! See the notes at the end for subsitutes. I also LOVE the fact that you can find an ex

Steamed Layered Rice Cake Kueh Lapis

These chewy, bouncy, and festive layered rice cakes are inspired by Indonesian Kueh Lapis but packed with 5 organic leafy greens and NO sugar, no artificial Sweetener! I promise these are as fun to play with as they are yummy to eat! ^^ It is so satisfying peeling off each layer and revealing a different color underneath, and I love squishing and twisting them! They have the dreamiest texture, soft, bouncy, chewy, and stretchy but not sticky to your teeth or fingers. A little more background info on Kueh Lapis, they are a traditional Indonesian dessert, also nicknamed "thousand layer rice cakes". They can be made with lots of different flavors and colors and these colorful treats are very popular in not only Indonesia, but also Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and more. But I added a secret ingredient in these rice cakes! The Daily Greens Superfood Mix from Complement, it contains 5 super greens - spinach, moringa, chlorella, barley grass, and broccoli sprouts and yet you will N

Whole Roasted Turmeric Cauliflower with Whipped Tofu Feta, Crispy Chickpeas & Chimichurri

Turn cauliflower into your next holiday centerpiece dish! This whole roasted cauliflower is super easy to make yet packed with layers of different textures and flavors, high in plant protein, and gluten-free! Cauliflower is literally magic, they can be turned into just about anything and have! This is a dish that fully celebrates cauliflower and compliments it with many different elements and flavors. It's very low-fuss and easy to make and it's so festive-looking it can be a wow factor at any holiday gathering. The cauliflower is blanched first then roasted with a turmeric-based seasoning till golden and slightly charred, served with crispy chickpeas, which are cooked at the same time with the cauliflower, on a bed of creamy fluffy whipped tofu feta and finally drizzled with tahini and chimichurri sauce. You can also add roasted baby carrots, or potatoes, or green beans on the side of this dish! Let the festivities begin ^^ INGREDIENTS: 1 head cauliflower 1/4 cup olive oil 2 t