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Teriyaki Tofu with Seaweed Belt (Vegan Teriyaki "Eel")

This easy teriyaki seaweed-wrapped tofu takes little time or effort to make but packs so much depth and flavor! The tofu is cooked to the perfect texture - golden crispy on the outside and tender on the inside then coated in a luscious sauce. You can never go wrong with a good teriyaki sauce and trust me you don't need to buy those premade teriyaki sauces that always contain so much sugar and whatever else. It's so simple to make your own and you can customize your homemade sauce blend to be exactly how you like it. I like mine umami, savory, with a subtle sweetness. This sauce can be used in so many dishes, simple vegetable stir fries, chow mein noodles, or of course, tofu! Whenever I'm using a rich sauce that will get sticky after cooking like this, I always love to coat the tofu in starch and get a crispy crust on them first because they will pick up the sauce so much better and as well as create an amazing contrast between the sticky coat and crispy bite. I also wrapped

Vegan Cream of Broccoli Soup (Grinch Soup ;)

Velvety, creamy, and silky broccoli soup made easier than ever! This recipe is adapted from chef Gordon Ramsay's broccoli soup recipe - I made it vegan and added my own flavor flairs. But even with my added flavors you still only need FIVE ingredients and that's counting the salt! Beauty is in simplicity is true. When I first came across Gordon Ramsay's broccoli soup I was honestly shocked that he used only two things - blanched broccoli and the water it boiled in! Oh and some salt. That's it! It sounded like a warm green smoothie so I was skeptical until I tried it out of curiosity, wow the simple yet rich flavor, and the perfect dreamy texture, I was speechless. There's something so beautiful about maximizing and appreciating the natural flavors and textures in very, very, simple ingredients. Being a vegan/plant-based eater myself I thought I know and love my veggies enough but this recipe truly took my appreciation of broccoli to a whole new level. The only thing

Easy Mochi or Tang Yuan in Ginger Brown Sugar Soy Milk Broth

No matter how you like to call them, these cutesy little "balls" are a dream dessert! They're soft, chewy, bouncy, and have just the right amount of subtle sweetness. Biting them is like your teeth sinking into a dream... I also made a warming and sweet ginger brown sugar soy milk broth to make them an even more comforting treat for winter. These glutinous rice balls or very similar versions are called so many different names in different cultures, in China, you have Tang Yuan, which are usually made with either a sweet filling with black sesame or peanuts or a savory filling with meat and vegetables;  In Japan, of course, you have Mochi and Dango, which are slightly different believe it or not, and they are made in so many different colors and flavors, with or without fillings; and then in Thailand, you have Bua Loy, which is colorful glutinous rice balls in a sweetened coconut milk broth. And those are just the ones I know! It's not a coincidence that they're so

Vegan Stuffed Tofu with Dark Sauce

Little golden crispy blocks of tofu, stuffed with a "meaty" mixed veggies filling and served with a shiny, umami, and savory sauce - you'll want to double up on your steamed rice with this dish cuz it's straight-up irresistible until the very last crumb of the tofu and very last drop of the sauce. Stuffed tofu, or as they're called in Chinese, "Niang" tofu, is a traditional dish you can often see at a holiday celebration, wedding, or any joyful occasion. In Chinese cuisine, "Niang" refers to the cooking technique of stuffing and you can just about stuff anything - just from my family members' cookings, I've had niang eggplant, niang zucchini, niang bell pepper... and of course, niang tofu! There's a reason why this dish is a frequent start at celebration dinners. The stuffed tofu resemble stuffed pockets, which in Chinese culture is an auspicious symbol for prosperity and good luck, so what better time to make them than the holiday

Vegan Budae Jjigae aka Korean Army Stew

This Budae Jjigae is made of lots of fresh vegetables, tofu, kimchi, noodles, vegan cheese,  and ALL IN ONE POT. It is one of my all time fave winter comfort meals and it's so warming, flavorful, satisfying, and nourishing. Also totally beginner friend because it requires basically no cooking skills at all! Anyone can make this recipe and it'll always be delicious, trust me. Budae Jjigae is a very popular Korean dish and one famed member of the big Korean stew family - other members include Kimchi Jjigae, Sundubu-jjigae (soft tofu stew), and more. Budae Jjigae literally means army stew, and as its name indicates it was created during wartime using mostly scrounged or smuggled foods from U.S. military bases, which explains why the traditional budae jjigae contains so many ingredients that are not necessarily native to Korea like sausage, spam, hot dog, American cheese, baked beans, etc. Luckily, most of us are now living in peacetime and I really don't think there's any

Vegan Spelt Flour Gingerbread Man Cookies

Happy holidays! Welcome to the party in the vegan gingerbread cookie town ^^ These are honestly the most enjoyable thing to make ever, super easy and fun, plus your entire home will be smelling like this sweet, warming, and festive aroma for more than a day!  There are few foods that are as fun to make as they are to eat, but these little cuties sure are. I can't even decide which step was my favorite, stamping them out? Fun! Decorating them with icing? Fun too! And arranging them in a happy harmonious group and taking photos of them? My heart smiles just thinking about that again.  I baked them the night before Christmas eve, and when we went to bed we could still smell the warm, sweet, and comforting aroma all the way from the kitchen, through the living room, dining room, and the gym to the bedroom! When I was mixing the batter I kept remembering what Paul said on the Great British Baking Show (yes I'm low-key addicted to that show) - If it’s ginger snap I want them to snap.