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Pan Fried Crispy Rice Paper Dumplings with Vegan Fillings

Happy year of the tiger! Dumplings are a must for me on the Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year and these rice dumplings are the ultimate lazy and easy version. They're stuffed with a savory and "meaty" tofu veggie filling and then pan-fried till golden crispy. And to make the experience even more satisfying, serve them with some sizzling scallion chili oil! Rice papers are such a perfect "cheat" to make easy dumplings. No need to mix flour, knead the dough, then roll out the wrappers, simply dip rice papers in some warm water, cut them into shapes, and start wrapping. The texture is more like the "crystal dumplings" you would get at a dim sum restaurant - the skins would be translucent and chewy and if pan-fried, super crispy! For the fillings, I used a mixture of tofu and vegetables but this is highly adaptable! You can use up any scraps of veggies in your fridge and use any protein base you like - tofu, mashed lentils, or even crumbled tempeh. And i

Vegan Chinese Braised Tofu Balls

These umami, soft, savory, and "meaty" tofu balls braised in a refreshing and nourishing broth is definitely the most comforting meal I've ever made. Take a bite into the tender but firm tofu balls, and your teeth meet the delightful crunchiness from the vegetables in them, then slurp up some flavorful broth and pour some broth over a bowl of steaming white rice - that, my friend, is a cure for any gloomy weather or gloomy mood. This dish is inspired by the traditional Chinese braised meatballs, or sometimes called "lion's heads". Don't worry, there isn't any lion's meat in it, the traditional Chinese meatballs are usually made of minced pork, crunchy vegetables, eggs, flour for binding, and seasoning. For the vegan version, I swapped out the meat with tofu for the protein base, mixed with a crunchy and slightly sweet combo of vegetables - I personally really like a sweet undertone in a savory dish! As for binding, I opted for arrowroot powder an

Purple Sweet Potato Hummus with Golden Cauliflower Steaks

This bowl is guaranteed to be a mood lifter in any bleak situation! It is packed with vibrant colors and bold flavors - golden turmeric cauliflower steaks paired with freshly made chimichurri sauce and served on a bed of fluffy, purple hummus. When the weathers are gloomy I rely on my food to bring extra color and energy to my days and this bowl is a perfect example! I added a purple sweet potato twist to my classic roasted turmeric cauliflower with hummus and it not only made the dish more visually striking but also added some earthy sweetness and extra creamy texture to the hummus base! And for the sauce, I really don't think anything pairs with the turmeric cauliflower steaks  more beautifully  than a refreshing, herby, and hand-chopped chimichurri. But if you're doing the cauliflower as a whole roasted dish then I recommend adding some tahini drizzles as seen in this linked festive centerpiece ! For more vegan recipe ideas and updates come find me on Instagram and Tiktok

Vegan French Onion Honeycomb Pasta

This baked vegan pasta dish is made of rigatoni stacked vertically and formed into a honeycomb pattern, and filled with a rich, cheesy french onion filling. Don't worry, no bees were harmed in the making of this epic pasta pie! Many food trends have come and gone, the tiktok wrap, baked feta pasta, oreo mug cake, the list goes on. However, this rigatoni pie or pasta cake is too fabulous to pass! It's almost like lasagna but assembled vertically, creating a stunning and fun honeycomb pattern. And you can choose whatever fillings or sauces you like to fill the tubes and gaps! I made a silky, rich, and creamy french onion filling for this dish. It's beautifully flavored by the caramelized onions, the french onion soup spice mix, and vegan cream cheese. The cheesy filling also helps to bind all the rigatoni nicely together. I will upload a video tutorial on how I made this honeycomb pasta on my Instagram @ veganbunnychef and @ tiktok . And feel free to message me on either pla

Crispy Tofu Musubi - Vegan Sushi Sandwich

Watch out for the new hottie on the lunch block - vegan tofu musubi! Or Japanese rice sandwich. The tofu cutlet is coated with a super crispy and crunchy crust and fried till golden, then assembled with freshly made fluffy rice, buttery avocado, and finally drizzled with sriracha sauce and homemade vegan mayo. Have you ever had musubi? Musubi is a classic Japanese lunch food or snack, traditionally consists of a slab of Spam meat, a block of rice, and wrapped with nori. It is such a convenient and grab-and-go food option and very fulfilling. But let's face it, the traditional musubi is not so healthy and mostly because of the Spam. Spam, being a type of canned and preserved pork, is super high in sodium, fat, and calories, all the while providing little nutrients. So I used tofu, which is high in protein and super low in fat and calories to replace the yucky canned meat. I did the tofu as in a katsu, coated the tofu with some pea protein puffs, to add even more nutrients and a mega

Tteokbokki Inspired Sweet and Spicy Gojuchang Pasta

This gojuchang pasta is inspired by Tteok-bokki, Korean simmered rice cakes and made of rigatoni and a rich, vibrant sauce that is sweet, spicy, and sticky. This is a super easy one-pan recipe and a great way to turn the beloved Korean street food into a satisfying meal! Have you ever had Tteokbokki? Tteokbokki is a very popular Korean street food made of soft, chewy rice cakes, stir fried in a sweet and spicy gojuchang sauce and simmered with ramen noodles, fish cakes, cheese, eggs, and other ingredients. It is absolutely one of my favorite dishes ever, not just within Asian food! Sadly though, it is not always so easy to find the right kind of rice cakes to make this street food so I modified the traditional tteokbokki recipe into a vegan pasta dish! I used the big, short pasta rigatoni because it best resembles the shapes of rice cake and made the sauce using a combination of Korean chili paste gojuchang (of course!) and tomato sauce. I also made a video of how I made this pasta and