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Vegan Tofu Salmon Rice Bowl with Homemade Vegan Mayo

This mind-blowing tofu "salmon bowl" is my favorite lunch bowl ever and I myself make it at least once a week. Perfectly seasoned and slightly charred tofu "salmon", broken apart and mixed into a bowl of steamy rice, topped with sweet chili sauce and creamy homemade vegan kewpie mayo, and finally all wrapped in a piece of crispy seaweed - it's land and ocean, nutrition and flavor, all in one bite. You might know this bowl as an internet "trend" but for me and I believe many other Eastern Asian kids, it's a childhood memory. I grew up in a coastal city right on the beach and crispy seaweed is a snack our household always had in abundance, they're just so delicious, available, cheap, and actually healthy. And before anyone even had to teach me, I started using crispy seaweed to pick up steamed rice, I’d even skip the chopsticks and just use my fingers to pinch up the rice and whatever I mixed in it for that meal with the seaweed. I love the feeli

Air Fryer Sweet Potato Tater Tots in Bunny Shapes!

Golden crispy, sweet AND savory tots ready in under 30 minutes from scratch! These adorable bunny-shaped sweet potato tater tots are going to be your next favorite snack, side dish, picnic food, or lunch box addition... or just whenever you need an extra boost of serotonin.  I remember reading this somewhere, that tater tots are the best form of potatoes - they've got the golden crispy crust on the outside, yet still maintain the fluffy pillowy softness on the inside. I have to agree and the same can be said for this sweet potato version! But even better, because on top of the savory flavor, you also get the natural sweetness in the mix and sweet + savory is just an irresistible combo for me.  This recipe is super low fuss and easy, all you need is sweet potatoes, some spices, and some kind of starch - I used arrowroot powder, but cornstarch will work just as well. And I personally love Japanese sweet potatoes, which have a pale whiteish flesh instead of orange and they're much

Grass Jelly (Cincau) Giant "Boba" Tea

The most fun I've ever had making and having a drink! These giant grass jelly boba are super easy to make, only takes about 5 minutes of prepping time and they're so bouncy, squishy, and refreshing to eat. Hidden bonus - there is even a medicinal benefit in them especially for summer! Black grass jelly, aka Cincau, is a naturally vegan dessert that's super popular in southern and eastern Asian countries. It is made from the Chinese mesona plant, which is a member of the mint family. Black grass jelly has a very mild taste on its own, almost tasteless but with a little herbal aroma, it's mostly there for the bouncy squishy texture and is usually served chilled or iced with sweetened soy milk, and other toppings like mochi, sweet red beans etc. It is believed in Chinese medicine that black grass jelly has a cooling effect and can balance out the heat or "fire" in the body, making it a medicinally beneficial dessert, especially in the summer. Now I'm not a sc

Air Fried Agedashi Tofu with Avocado

An izakaya ICONIC dish but made with my own spin! The tofu is air-fried till golden crispy on the outside while still tender and silky on the inside, lightly dusted with shichimi togarashi, plated with avocado, and served with a refreshing umami broth. Agedashi tofu or Agedashi dofu is a traditional Japanese dish, it's usually made of medium or sometimes soft tofu, cut into cubes, coated and deep fried in oil til crispy, and served with a dashi broth plus toppings like grated daikon, scallions, and bonito flakes. You might have seen this dish at izakaya joints and it is my must-order dish whenever I go there. This version here is made with my own twist. I air-fried the tofu instead of deep frying to avoid excess oil and it's actually just as crispy! And I personally like a little kick so I dusted the tofu with shichimi togarashi, which is a Japanese spice blend with chili powder. Also, I added some avocado for a splash of color, healthy fat, and another layer of silky velvety t