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Pineapple Sweet and Sour Tofu with Cashews

Crispy fried tofu coated in a sweet, sour, and sticky sauce, mixed with juicy pineapple cubes, crunchy bell peppers and hearty cashews, this is the ultimate tofu lover's dish and would totally convert those who previously think tofu is bland. I call this dish the "rice killer" because you'll want to wolf down as much fluffy, steamy rice as you possibly can with this lush sauce and all the flavors and textures you can get in one bite. Sweet and sour sauce can never go wrong but the fresh pineapple juice definitely takes it to an even higher level, giving it a sunny tropical vibe and a fruity aroma. And when frying the tofu slices, I tested a new coating method. Instead of coating them with my usual arrowroot powder or corn starch, I tried rice flour and wow the result was superior! The rice flour not only gave the tofu a super crispy and crunchy crust, it also created a chewy glutinous layer between the golden crust and the tender tofu inside. If you have some rice flo

Rainbow Vegan Summer Rolls with Peanut Butter Dipping Sauce

The most colorful, appetizing, refreshing and delicious meal you can make with minimum amount of cooking and without breaking a sweat - summer rolls, or rice paper rolls! All ingredients can be prepared raw and you can go wild with colors. Summer rolls, or Gỏi cuốn, is a Vietnamese dish traditionally consisting of pork, prawn, vegetables, and other ingredients wrapped in Vietnamese bánh tráng, aka rice paper wrappers. Unlike spring rolls, which are wrapped in flour wrappers and then fried, summer rolls are wrapped in a translucent rice-wrapper and served cold. So naturally they're much easier and quicker to make, as well as being lighter on the stomach. I like to wrap a variety of fresh veggies, fruits, and crispy glazed tofu strips in my summer rolls. You could simply slice the tofu and wrap but glazing and pan-frying them gives the dish much more flavor and adds a nice crunch! And if you like them to be fruity, mango, figs, and even kiwi are all good options. Rolling the rice pap

Purple Sweet Potato and Yogurt Pudding (Vegan, Non-Dairy)

The easiest Asian dessert you could ever make and yet this little purple tower is so satisfying to all senses and 100 percent wholesome and healthy. It's made of literally two ingredients - purple sweet potatoes and vegan yogurt of choice, I used coconut here. If you ever go to an authentic Chinese restaurant, or better yet, a restaurant in China, you'll find an elaborate list of appetizers that do not shy in comparison even to the main courses. And especially if you're dining as a group, you'd always order a couple of appetizers to share first, not unlike banchan in Korean food. And this vibrant dish is among the most classic and popular sweet appetizers/desserts that I grew up with! It's such a simple yet genius combo - the fluffy, creamy, sweet, and earthy mashed purple sweet potatoes meet the silky, rich, sweet, and slightly tart coconut yogurt, creating a heavenly contrast in the colors, flavors, and textures. You can totally feel free to play with the flavor

Zucchini Roll Ups with Quinoa Hummus

These zucchini roll-ups are my favorite raw plant-based meal to make especially in summer! They're so colorful, refreshing, packed with flavors and nutrients, and yet require very little cooking and no heat! Zucchini has been having a moment for the past few years, from "zoodles", to zucchini lasagna, to zucchini fritters, to even using zucchini in sweet bakes like brownies, the world is realizing the amazing potential this wonderful squash has. I myself am a huge fan and these pretty and fresh zucchini rolls are my latest obsession! All ingredients used in this recipe are kept raw except for the quinoa, which we cannot digest unless cooked. When I posted this recipe on my IG many were asking the same question - can you eat raw zucchini? The answer is of course yes! Raw zucchinis are not only just edible they're absolutely delicious, think cucumber but less watery. Not to mention keeping everything raw makes them extra fresh and saves you lots of time and sweat ;) Thi

Iced Udon Cold Noodles with Vegan "Egg"

Your favorite winter comfort meal made into a summer sensation! This udon noodle soup is packed with all the umami, and savory flavor but at the same time cooling and refreshing thanks to the iced broth. You won't break a sweat either cooking or eating this dream bowl. I am obsessed with noodles of all kinds and especially udon! I love the thick cut, chewy texture, and hearty bite. However in this 90, 100 degree weather, the last thing I want is to end up covered in sweat from just cooking or eating my meal. So I gave the udon noodles an ice bath and made this cooling and flavorful iced broth! It's super quick and easy to make. All you need to do is combine the broth ingredients in a saucepan and cook just enough till the sugar dissolves - very minimum amount of heat needed. For the noodles, mine are infused with chlorella, hence the green color, but you can use whatever noodles you like! Regular udon noodles, buckwheat noodles, or even thick rice noodles for gluten-free! And o

Cold Sesame Noodles Chinese Takeout Style (but better!)

These noodles are a perfect summer meal, rich, creamy, aromatic, and refreshing. And it's super quick and easy to throw together, no fuss and barely any heat, everything I require for cooking in over 100-degree weather! Not to be dramatic but a lot of times I would order Chinese takeouts just so I could get the cold sesame noodles as a side. The sesame paste and peanut butter in the sauce marry so well and really bring the aroma and flavor to a whole new level. So of course I had to make these myself but with better ingredients and lots, lots of sauce ;) I used rice ramen noodles instead of wheat noodles to make it gluten-free. And both the peanut butter and sesame paste are homemade with only one ingredient each! You can of course simply use store-bought and pretty much any noodles you like. I do, however, strongly advise against using tahini to substitute for sesame paste. They taste very different, the Chinese style sesame paste is made with toasted sesame seeds and has a sweete

Vegan Japchae - Korean Glass Noodle Stir-Fry

This vegan japchae is a super easy and satisfying meal. It's savory, umami, and slightly sweet, packed with fresh vegetables and chewy glass noodles that are naturally gluten-free. And only very light cooking is involved so yes, this treat is summer friendly! Japchae literally means "mixed vegetables" in Korean - and as advertised, lots of colorful vegetables are used. However, the star ingredient is the Korean sweet potato glass noodles! They're chewy, bouncy, and semi-transparent, I like to think of them as the gummy bears of noodles ;) They're so fun to eat, add a whole different layer of texture, and are very easy to prepare. By the look of it, you might assume they are all stir-fried in one big pot but each ingredient is actually cooked separately, it takes a little longer but this way each element gets its individual cooking time and nothing gets over or under-cooked!  If you're more of a visual person, watch the video linked below for step for step inst