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Crispy Rice Paper Cups with Chickpea Salad aka "Chuna"

These rice paper cups are literally an explosion of flavor and texture. The popped rice paper is insanely crispy, crunchy, and melts in your mouth, which is then followed by the creamy, savory, refreshing chickpea salad "chuna" mash. It's almost a raw, no-cook meal - with the only exception being the rice paper and it's perfect quick lunch, snack, or party appetizer. Have you ever had some of those prawn crackers usually served at a Thai restaurant before your meal arrives? Well these rice paper cups are really similar to that! I don't know the science behind this process but it is truly some kind of food magic, the very second rice paper hits hot oil, it starts to curl, pop, and crisp up! The frying process is done within 3 seconds, literally, it shouldn't take longer than that. And this chickpea salad mash is my absolute go-to whenever I need a quick but still nourishing meal. It is reminiscent of a canned tuna salad that we all know too well but so much bet

Air Fried Vegan Crab Rangoon with Jackfruit

These vegan "crab" rangoon are a veganized and healthier version of a classic Chinese-American dish. They are air-fried till golden crispy on the outside, filled with a young jackfruit and vegan cream cheese mixture that's creamy, moist, and "stringy" just like crab meat, and finally dipped in a sweet, spicy, and tangy Thai chili sauce. Crab Rangoon is such a perfect example of cultural integration and how a diversity of cultures can bless us with never-before-seen creations. It takes the form of traditional Chinese wontons but is filled with crab meat and cream cheese, which is never used in Chinese cuisine but is very common in the US. And this love child of two cultures has proven to be widely loved ever since its invention.  In this vegan version, I used young jackfruit instead. And they have just the perfect texture to mimic crab meat - tender, moist, and naturally have layers and grains that can be easily pulled apart just like crab. Granted, it's not