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Pumpkin Spice Latte with Real Pumpkin and Whipped Coconut Cream

It's officially fall and nothing welcomes the golden harvest season like a warm, creamy, steamy cup of pumpkin spice latte right? But I'm not talking about the one from the what bucks that's made of cow breast milk and overly sweetened. It's so much better to make it yourself with REAL PUMPKIN and PECAN MILK ! Hear me out, we all love pumpkin pies with pecans right? So I thought why not make some pecan milk for pumpkin spice latte! And just as expected, they were a heavenly match! The pecan milk adds so much silkiness and aroma to the blend and that goes so wonderfully with the pumpkin spice profile. And instead of artificial pumpkin syrup, I used real pumpkin pureé and believe me, nothing beats the real deal. You could then further dress your latte up with whipped coconut cream and dust of cinnamon. Let this delicious and actually nutritious latte be your headliner for a merry pumpkin season and if you want to see the video of how I made this it, find me on instagram

Vegan Hawaiian Poke Bowl with Peanut Butter Baked Tofu

I recently went to the magical island of O'ahu, Hawaii for a little vacatio. The sunshine, beauty, positive energy and the amazing local vegan food scene stayed with me! So of course I had to recreate the Hawaiian poke bowls with lots of colors, some creamy, sweet and savory peanut butter baked tofu, and a sesame oil dressing. The best thing about poke bowls is that you could include as many kinds of fresh ingredients as you want! Crunchy veggies, juicy fruit, warm grains... And usually, the bowl is finished with raw fish as a protein source but nowadays more and more places have tofu as a vegan option! You could just dice the tofu and serve them as is, which I love as well, but if you're up for some more flavors please try this peanut butter sauce! The sauce is thick, creamy, savory and a little bit sweet, and after baking, they form a shiny crust on the tofu and bring the taste to a whole new level. And here are more vegan bowl ideas with tofu you'd love: Sweet and Sour P

Snow Skin Mooncake Bunny Mochi with Pumpkin Filling {Vegan, No Bake, No Mold}

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival with the cutest mooncakes ever! These mooncakes are no bake and no mold needed! Instead of the traditional baked sugary pastry mooncake wrappers, I used a rice flour based "snow skin" with a golden, creamy pumpkin filling. There are many different types of mooncakes in Chinese cuisine - the cantonese style with the buttery baked pie crust like skin and usually a custard filling, the Su Zhou style that has a flaky and layered skin, and the snow skin mooncake, which is the tenderest and lightest of them all. The word snow skin is translated from the Chinese words, Bing Pi, 冰皮, which literally means ice skin. The texture is very similar to the Japanese mochi, soft, gentle, tender, gooey, and chewy. The initial mixture of the snow skin might surprise you because unlike most doughs, the snow skin "dough" will be very fluid and "soupy", but don't panic! That's just how it's supposed to look and then you need to steam the mix

Vegan Dragon Rolls - Inside Out Sushi

Your sushi rolls called and said they want you to zazz them up! So here are some vegan black rice dragon rolls with sliced mangos and avocados inside out. These are about the most colorful sushi's I ever made and they taste as popping as they look - seriously lil bombs of flavors! It goes without saying that dragon rolls take a bit more work and time to achieve than maki sushi rolls - the kind that has nori sheet on the outside. But believe me they really do worth the trouble! Not only do they look more impressive and festive, they also has more flavors because in addition to the inside fillings these also have toppings. And there's no magic in making these, just a little patience and time. Keep reading for the very detailed instructions and step by step photos! For more varieties of sushi please check out my Vegan Sushi Supreme , where I made nigiri, maki, and battleship sushi and explained how. Also be sure to find me on Instagram @ veganbunnychef , I would love to connect wi

Vegan BBQ Pulled Lion's Mane Mushroom Tacos

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say I've just cooked the best vegan pulled pork alternative! Yes, better than jackfruit! Actually a lot better. These BBQ pulled Lion's Mane mushroom tacos are just pockets of bursting flavors, smoky, savory, a little touch of spicy, and unbelievably "meaty". Jackfruit is a fine choice for vegan pulled "pork" but I've always found they have a natural tartness that goes against what you'd want in a taco or a burrito, also the texture of jackfruit is a little bit on the crumbly side and not stringy enough. On the other side, Lion's Mane mushroom was just a dream! They are so velvety tender, pull apart like a dream and so moist and stringy! Also they soak up sauces and flavors like a sponge! I also made the taco "meat" out of lentils and onions to give the tacos more structure and protein. Like how Lion's Mane is a perfect alternative for "pulled meat", lentils are perfect for the mince