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Great Northern Bean Stew (Rice Cooker Version)

The snowstorm in Texas is finally over! And after days of no running water and roll-out blackouts, I'm so thrilled to rejoin modern civilization lol. It's times like this when we could really use some real comfort food. And this bowl of warm, buttery soft, flavorful and nutritious great northern bean or white bean stew hits just the right spot. As a lazy chef, I've always been pretty reluctant to start with dry beans until I discovered that you can cook raw, dry beans with your rice cooker! The beauty of using a rice cooker is that you just need to set up the program, put the beans and water in, start the program, and walk away, go ahead, go about your day till the rice cooker beeps. It saves you hours of waiting by the pot, continuously stirring and watching it so it doesn't burn. For this stew, I cooked the beans twice in my rice cooker with the brown rice program, if yours doesn't have an option for brown rice then the regular white rice program works too. Cookin

Teriyaki Black Bean Burgers with Grilled Pineapples

Aloha~ I've been dreaming of the tropical heaven of Hawaii but without getting the vaccine shots I don't think I can responsibly travel yet. Since I couldn't easily travel there in this never-ending pandemic, I brought a little Hawaii to our table.  These are the juiciest vegan burgers I ever made, courtesy of grilled pineapple rings and homemade teriyaki sauce! The burger patties are my fail-safe bean burger recipe, I've tried it with black beans, kidney beans, and pinto beans, and guess what, they all work very well! The difference in flavors is also barely noticeable so go ahead using whatever beans you got in your pantry. For assembling, on top of the usual onions and letucces, I added grilled fresh pineapple rings and drizzled on a generous amount of homemade teriyaki sauce. This not only adds some major tropical flavor but also makes the burgers more moist and juicy! If you like veggies burgers, you might also love this one - BBQ Tempeh Black Bean Burgers .  INGRE

Rice Wrapper Dumplings with Vegan Fillings

Happy Chinese New Year! It's the year of Ox and it's bound to be a prosperous year. And of course, the most classic and traditional food for the Chinese New Year is dumplings. These are a much quicker and easier version of the traditional dumplings and here's another perk, they are also gluten-free! Growing up, every year on Chinese New Year's Eve my family would make dumplings and we would eat them together at midnight. And as a tradition, my mom or my grandma would hide coins in some of the dumplings and whoever get those would be blessed with good luck for the new year.  However, the process of making Chinese dumplings is so tasking. I remember watching my mom doing it and thinking oh my god, 2, 3 hours of labor for 5 minutes of eating?! I can't say I'm that on board no matter how much I love dumplings. So I came up with this extremely simplified version! By using Vietnamese rice wrappers you can completely eliminate the need to make the dough, knead, portion

Heart Shaped Pink Pizza (Falafel Crust and Vegan Cream Cheese)

I'm here to steal a pizza of your heart with this recipe ;) What's the best food for Valentine's Day? Pizza. What's better than pizza? Heart-shaped pizza! What's even better than heart-shaped pizza? Pink heart-shaped pizza! Ok I'll stop answering my own questions now. But seriously guys this would be a second dynamite on your V day (the first dynamite is obviously YOU). Not only does it look super cute and on theme, it's also incredibly healthy and easy to make! The crust is beet falafel and calls for only 3 main ingredients. For toppings, I used a vegan cream cheese that's made of sunflower seeds, quick pickled onions, avocados, carrots cut into heart shapes, and fresh basils.  If you like this pink heart-shaped beetroot pizza, I've got another adorable pink food recipe for you - Pink Heart-Beet Nuggets .  INGREDIENTS: 1 large beetroot 1 can chickpea 1 cup oat flour, or other flour of choice 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1 tablespoon olive oil For the Pi

Sweet & Spicy Korean BBQ Cauliflower Wings

Is there anything that cauliflowers cannot be? Let me know when you think of one but I sure have been able to turn cauliflowers into whatever I craved - pizzas, fried rice, pasta, and now of course "wings"! There are so many different flavor options for "wings" but Korean style BBQ is definitely my favorite, I find the combo of sweet and spicy just irresistible. I'm not gonna lie to you though, the preparation process for this one is doomed to be a little messy, mainly the battering step, and even the eating part too if you go very generously on the sauce (which I highly recommend btw). Oh well, life is messy and so are lots of the most delicious foods, isn't that why we call them finger-licking good?! For serving, it couldn't be easier for this one, just pick them up straight from the tray with your hands and start munching ;) Or, I find the sweet, spicy, and sticky sauce on these "wings" go gorgeously well with rice, prepare a little salad o