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Two Ingredients Quinoa Wrap

These quinoa wraps are the easiest and most wholesome dessert ever! They're naturally vegan, gluten-free, and high in protein, and hot or cold, they remain dreamily soft and flexible with a nice earthy and subtly sweet flavor. All you need is quinoa and water, and if you like, some organic greens powder for the color and more nutrients! I'm not sure what exactly to call these wraps, tortillas? Crepes? Well, they're like both, paper thin, soft like a baby's cheek, and very flexible. You will only need wholegrain raw quinoas and water for the base, then you can flavor the mixture either savory with paprika, cumin, garlic, or onion powder, etc, or sweet with sugar, cinnamon, vanilla extract, or whatever you like! And no you DO NOT have to have a crepe pan or tawa! A good nonstick pan will do the trick trust me. I added some vegetable powder for a nice green color and more nutrients but it's totally optional! You can also use any other powders you like, matcha, cacao, s

Peanut Butter Mochi Bites High Protein GF

New obsession alert for all my peanut butter lovers!! These little mochi bites are packed with rich, creamy, peanut butter taste and lots of plant protein, naturally vegan and gluten-free. They are soft, chewy, stretchy, and, the most important thing for Asian desserts - not too sweet! These mochi bites are super easy to make, only call for 5 ingredients and you won't even need a microwave or steamer! I know it's very common in most mochi recipes you see that the mixture is either steamed or microwaved, but, hear me out, you could actually just - heat it on the stove! It makes the process so much simpler and more straightforward. And of course, we can have our desserts and eat it too ;) while getting in so much protein! The mochi plus the cacao peanut butter dipping have over 30 grams of plant protein in them! I used my forever favorite peanut butter powder from PB Fit , the powder form makes it so versatile, you can add it in to anything! Smoothies, cakes, cookies, pancakes...

Rice Paper Dumplings with Veggie Tofu Fillings | Vegan GF

Literal little pockets of satisfaction and nutrition - these pan-fried rice paper dumplings are golden crispy on the outside, chewy and pillowy in the middle, and filled with savory, juicy, and umami fillings inside. They're also super quick and easy to make, you won't need to make or knead any dough, and all the ingredients in this recipe are naturally gluten-free. These rice paper dumplings are every bit as nutritious as they are irresistibly delicious. I love that the rice paper skin almost has a mochi-like texture and there are so many variations you can do with the fillings! You can get a complete and balanced meal in one bite - protein, vegetables, healthy carbs. Of course traditionally, dumplings are made of wheat flour wrappers but I have to admit sometimes I'm just too lazy to want to handle flour and tend to the dough, so rice paper is a great quick substitute and they're also gluten-free! There are a few tricks to ensure your rice paper dumplings or rolls won

Miffy Bunny Vegan Meringue Cookies Using Aquafaba

Turn your chickpea water, or aquafaba, into these easy three-ingredient vegan meringue cookies! They are lighter than air, fluffy, sweet, and have that satisfying crunchy exterior, it's like eating crispy sweet clouds! Aquafaba truly is magic, the water that comes with your canned chickpeas is actually full of protein, which is exactly why it can act in a similar way as egg white when it's whipped! The protein in the liquid is what provides that structure for the fluffy peaks and you can make all kinds of meringue with it. My favorite is meringue kiss cookies but this time I added a little more twist to them and made them into little Miffy bunny shapes! Cuter food just tastes better right? Since the ingredients are so simple - only 3, it's all in the whipping for this recipe. Use your most trusted mixer and take your time, it needs to be whipped to a stiff peak, try flipping it over, it should stay on your spoon without falling! If you're too afraid to try flipping it o

Air Fryer Okra Fries - NO BREADING!

These okra fries can battle regular potato fries - they're just as crispy, savory, and satisfying, all the while providing so much more nutrients! What's even better, there will be no need for breading or any sticky mess. Simply toss them in a spices mix and cook them in an air fryer or oven. Okras are so under-appreciated! I know some might find them underwhelming and slimy, but I LOVE okras, I love them in a curry, soup, or just simply steamed. But this recipe is not just for okra lovers like me, it's also for the okra doubters! With a few simple steps, you can turn this super nutritious and in-season vegetable into crispy, flavor-packed, and gluten-free fries that are NOT slimy at all! You can eat them with any dipping sauce you like, I paired them with my homemade vegan sriracha mayo. The Okra fries I've had at restaurants are always cut widthwise into small slices, coated in a thick batter then deep fried. While I do love how they taste, I feel like I'm mostly

Steamed Napa Cabbage Rolls with Tofu Veggie Fillings Vegan GF

These napa cabbage rolls are almost like vegan dumplings but without having to make any dough. The stuffings are hearty, savory, and "meaty", wrapped in sweet and juicy napa cabbage leaves. They can be served either pan-fried to steamed for an even more refreshing and light taste. Cabbage rolls are widely loved in many parts of the world - Central, Northern, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe and much of Asia, as well as parts of North Africa. But of course, they're made differently from region to region. In China, in particular, cabbage rolls are usually made with napa cabbage, as opposed to cannonball cabbage, commonly known as green cabbage. They're then stuffed with minced pork and vegetables and finished by either steaming or pan-frying. To make a vegan version, I used tofu, brown rice, broccoli, carrot, and sweet corn but the combination is highly adaptable. This is a perfect chance to use up any scraps of veggies in your fridge that you've been wanting to cle

Vegan Mille Feuille Nabe Japanese Thousand-Layer Hot Pot

Thousand layers of flavors, textures, and nourishing nutrients - this vegan version of Mille Feuille Nabe is super comforting and yet super light at the same time. Packed with fresh vegetables and silky tofu skin for protein, cooked in an umami homemade vegan dashi and served with my fave dipping sauce. The Mille Feuille Nabe is one of the prettiest Japanese hot pot variations in my humble opinions (although they are all so aesthetically pleasing!). Traditionally, it's made of napa cabbage layered with fatty pork belly slices. I love the layered arrangment, it's so easy on the eye and also makes it extra fun to eat. I've been missing this comforting pot a lot so I finally just went ahead and made a vegan version with colorful veggies and tofu skin, which is thin and flexible and fits nicely inbetween napa cabbage leaves. And normally I'd go for either enoki mushroom or beech mushroom in the center of the pot but since I didn't have any at hand I just used mung bean