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Hawaiian Style BBQ Pineapple Tofu Skewers

Tropical flavors on a stick! These Hawaiian-style skewers are super refreshing and flavorful, the tofu is frozen then thawed to create a meatier texture and marinated in a sweet, sour, and umami pineapple sauce. Perfect for your BBQ party cookout! Why is it that food just tastes better on a stick?! I love skewers they are so easy to carry around and and are just more fun to eat. These pineapple tofu skewers are inspired by Hawaiian BBQ skewers with a vibrant, refreshing, flavorful marinade made with fresh pineapples. One bite and you will feel like you are on the tropical paradise island! And there is a little magic that happens when you freeze and then thaw tofu. The water inside gets frozen into icicles and expands in size, creating lots of little holes and layers in the texture. The result is a meatier, more sponge tofu that can soak up sauces and flavors even better! I don't do the freezing & thawing step for all the tofu dishes, because sometimes I still want to maintain t

Accordion Sweet Potatoes Air Fryer Version

These accordion sweet potatoes are a texture heaven! One fun twist in the cutting process creates a waffle-like grid and many layers and ridges for more crispiness on the exterior while the inside is perfectly caramelized and slightly moist. The only thing better than fries are - accordion fries! The shape and texture are so fun and yes you should absolutely play with these (sorry mom!). And since I've always liked sweet potato fries more than potato fries, I thought why not make the accordion fries with sweet potatoes too! Sweet potatoes are such a humble, delicious, and nourishing food. They are high in fiber, which promotes digestive health; r ich in antioxidants, which can help protect the body from damage caused by free radicals; also l ow in fat and high in potassium,  vitamin A, and  vitamin C. These accordion cuts are actually less time-consuming than you might think, it takes about 3 minutes to cut each slice. I'm sure we've all spent way more time on way stupider

Lemon Tofu Chinese Style Sweet and Sour Tofu

Bring a ray of refreshing sunshine to your dining table or lunch box with this vibrant, uplifting, and flavorful lemon tofu! The air-fried tofu puffs are lavishly coated in a sweet, sour, and sticky sauce. The entire dish is gluten-free and high in complete protein! Tofu is an excellent source of complete protein, which contains all the essential amino acids that our body needs and can't produce itself. It's also rice in many minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium, and in vitamins B1, B2, and B6. Some studies also suggest that tofu may help lower the risk of heart disease, improve bone health, and reduce the risk of certain cancers.  I can go on and on about my love for tofu for days, literally, and I will fight any pseudo "science" claims that soy is "bad" for you. There are endless ways you can prepare tofu, it is an excellent "blank canvas" because of its mild flavor and tender texture. This lemon sauce is reminiscent of lemon chicken, it

Easy Scallion Pancakes Using Wonton Wrappers

You can make these crispy, flaky, and incredibly aromatic scallion pancakes in under 10 minutes! They are my go-to snack and favorite savory breakfast, only require five simple ingredients and yet together they make magic! Scallion pancakes are arguably the most iconic Shanghai street food and my personal fave! They are golden crispy on the outside, while still soft, flaky, tender, and aromatic on the inside. It's so fun to pull them apart and stretch out all the flavorful layers. I used to get them on my way to school from a hole-in-the-wall breakfast stand, they are usually freshly fried and handed to you still steaming hot and the oil is seeping through the paper - even just thinking about that makes me salivate! I'd wolf them down and crunch away while I walk, it'd be gone in literally 2 minutes. For this super easy "cheat" version, you wouldn't even need to mix any flour or make any dough! Grab a pack of wonton skin or dumpling wrappers from your grocery

Pink Heart Agar Agar Jelly - Perfect for Valentine's Day!

If Pretty in Pink could be a dessert, these beauties would be it. These heart-shaped vegan agar agar jellies are layered with coconut, pink pitaya, and strawberry flavors and topped with a dollop of strawberry chia seed jam. They are as yummy as they are pretty and would be a perfect gift for Galentine's or Valentine's Day! Are you celebrating Galentines, Valentines, or self love this year? ^^ Whichever you're in the mood for, these pretty pink heart-shaped treats will sure bring a smile to anyone you love, yourself included of course! They're creamy, refreshing, have a nice little crunch to the bite, perfectly fruity and sweet but refined sugar free! I sweetened them with fruit and monk fruit extract. The most important ingredient for vegan jelly is of course agar agar, aka what magic is made of. My favorite thing about agar agar jelly is how stable they are. They will NOT melt at room temperature! And that makes it so much easier to make them ahead of time and then se

Napa Cabbage Dumplings with Vegan Fillings for Lunar New Year

Ring in the new year with the cutest and yummiest vegan dumplings that can bring you good luck! These napa cabbage-shaped and napa cabbage-filled dumplings are the most fantastic addition to your festive table. Do you know the name for napa cabbage in Chinese - Bai Cai, sounds exactly like Hundred Fortune? That's why napa cabbage is a symbol of good luck and wealth in Chinese culture and a very popular image you can find in interior decoration sculptures, jade pendants, paintings, and of course, dumplings! For the Lunar New Year celebration especially, we love to serve food that's not only delicious but also a good omen. So these napa cabbage dumplings are just the perfect dish! The green "leaf" part of the dough is made from spinach juice and the fillings are a mixture of umami vegetables and meaty tofu. This is a recipe that's much easier to follow with a visual aid so watch the video below and reference the measurements for all the ingredients in the written re